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Hello and welcome to my very own corner of the intwebz where I intend to post up my own ramblings, tournament reports, hobby progress and anything else I can think of that is 40k related.

I’ve been an avid gamer for 25+ years be it tabletop, role playing, video or board games. ForScofferman the past 3 years or so I’ve been playing my Necrons exclusively in 40k and have taken them from the anguish that was phase out to the peak of 5th edition brokenness and pretty much everything in between.  My Necron army at the moment is roughly around 14,000 points in size and I think I can fairly say I have at least one of everything including the Forge World arcanthrites, Tomb Citadel, Bomber, Tesseract Ark and Pylons of various sizes.  Continue reading


Lost in translation

Lost in translation
Most of us have seen it at one time or another when trying to arrange a game and the opponent describes his list as being “fluffy”. At one time this used to mean that it has a back story, a method behind the unit selections so that everything fits around a particular theme or a way to, dare I say it, Forge The Narrative.

The description of a fluffy list seems to have changed through 6th and certainly into 7th edition to be more of “its not competitive”. Like wise the dreaded Dick List seems to have been changed to competitive. There also seems to be some sort of psychological warfare going on unseen where certain people will say they want a fluffy game and still rock up with 9 centurions, 3 wraith knights, 30 summoning units or [insert dick move here] but then go on to explain how its fluffy. This seems to usually be the fact that they included a 100 point unit which is not optimised. With the addition of unbound lists and come the apocalypse alliances I expected more people to be using these so called fluffy lists as you really can play exactly the type of army you want but surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to be the case within our local meta. Continue reading